Saturday, 26 October 2013

Getting ready for Christmas!

I realised this morning that it's just over 8 weeks until Christmas! This year has flown by way to quickly, don't you think?
Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year! I love everything about it... the sounds, the food, the smells and of course, the cheer!   People just seem more happy and carefree around Christmas time.  But mostly, it's the excitement that gets me - I still find it hard to sleep the night before Christmas!  The anticipation of a day spent with loved ones, gift giving and eating until you feel you're about to explode, is just the best ever!
But unfortunately, Christmas has been a lot quieter for my husband and I since we immigrated to Australia almost 6 years ago.  We now find ourselves thousands of kilometres away from friends and family back in South Africa, the USA and Canada.  We have wonderful friends who always share the day with us but it's never quite been the same...
That said, we haven't let it put a damper on our enthusiasm around Christmas time.  We are like two big kids who decorate the house from top to toe, inside and out and spoil each other rotten with presents.  We still cook as if we're expecting a hundred people too!   
The only thing is, I have to start thinking about Christmas a lot sooner than most to ensure that everyone receives their gifts and cards in time for the big day.  I usually start at least two months in advance and in looking at the date... it appears it's that time again. 
So in the spirit of preparing for Christmas, I thought I would share this cute Santa Card today.  It's from the Christmas Open House SVGCuts Kit and it is just so adorable!   
I used AC cardstock for the hat, beard and face and ran the white bits through the Big Shot to give Santa's beard and moustache a few curls.  I cut the white bits for Santa's hat out of glitter card stock for a bit of bling and then added a brad and ribbon from my stash. 
I just love this card!  It's so quick and easy to make - and I think it is super cute! 

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